Nearly all casinos up and down the country (and indeed the world) want and need you to spend your money with them, and then come back and do it again. That’s why they all offer some form of loyalty initiative. If you keep spending, they will give you something back (or so they claim).

This page offers an amalgamation of the different loyalty offers there are out there. Much of the information is as how the casinos advertise, along with reviews of ease of joining and ‘spending’ any saved points. We will also show a side by side comparison of  the different loyalty initiatives on offer.


 Grosvenor Play PointsGenting RewardsCaesars Entertainment Player Rewards
CostFree of ChargeFree of ChargeFree of Charge
Name of Loyalty
Play PointsRewardsPlayer Rewards
and Bars

1 point per £1 spent
1 point per £1 spent
1 point per 50p spent

1 point per £5 spent
T.B.C1 point per £2.50 spent

1 point per £10 spent
T.B.C1 point per £5 spent
Punto Banco

T.B.CT.B.C1 point per £10 spent
Table Games (difficult to assess)
T.B.CT.B.Ce.g. 2 hours on roulette averaging
£15 bet awards over 100 points
Usable online?

100 points = £1
100 points = £1
100 points = £1
Expiry date
Afer 12 months from collection date
T.B.CThey expire after 6 months of
inactivity so If you use it at least
once every six months, they will
never expire.

Play Points Gold Card (by invitation only).
T.B.CCan be used/converted for use in
Vegas sister properties

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