Unlike the larger casino brands in the UK, you do not have to be a member to enter a Caesars Entertainment property. As the name suggests, to anyone who knows anything about Vegas, these casinos fall under the same company which owns Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. They advertise their card as ‘Earn them, Spend them, Love them’. Let’s see how this translated to the real world and how they compare.

You will be given your credit card sized rewards card – the one to carry (apparently) which you use to collect your points. The points are saved within their central system rather than the cards themselves, so at least if you do lose your card, you can ask for another which they will provide you. We are yet to test having these cards re-issued but can only imagine it is straight forward. Let us know if you have found this not to be the case.

Something that is truly unique and quite frankly brilliant is that because they are owned by a Las Vegas brand, you can convert your points over to US points to carry on saving and spending out there. Likewise, you can then convert them back! I believe you need to be in the retrospective country to do this i.e. you need to take your UK card to Vegas to convert them. We are travelling to Vegas in November 2014 and will be testing the ease of this then.

You can collect play points at a rate of 1 reward point for every 50p spent on food and drink. 1 point will be awarded for every £2.5 spent on coin-in slots and jackpot slot machines. 1 point will be awarded for every £5 spent on coin-in electronic roulette and 1 point rewarded for every £10 spent on coin-in electronic Punto Banco.

For table games, remember (as with all casinos) to hand your card to the dealer before play. Caesars advertise that reward points are based on how long you play and the amount you bet. Their example is “play roulette for 2 hours with an average bet of £15 to earn over 100 points”. I don’t know how easy this is for them to actually track?

You can save up these points and convert them at a rate of 100 points to £1. You can use these points in the bars or restaurants by handing your card to your waitress and ask them to redeem points. There is also the option to buy merchandise by visiting their Rewards Desk or Reception or viewing their online catalogue. You can visit their Rewards site for more information on how to redeem and convert points to and from their US sister properties.


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