Grosvenor is a member’s only casino, and with this you are automatically enrolled in their ‘Play Points’ loyalty club. They advertise this simply with their ‘Play, Collect, Redeem’ advertising campaign, but how to they compare, what do you have to play, what do you collect and how do you redeem?

You will be given your credit card sized Grosvenor Play Points card which you use to collect your points. The points are saved within their central system rather than the cards themselves, so at least if you do lose your card, you can ask for another which they will provide you. We have tested this in several casinos across England and Wales and we have never encountered a problem (but then why would they want to risk you not spending)!

You can collect play points at a rate of 1 point for each £1 spent on food and drink. 1 point will be awarded for each £5 spent on slots and jackpot slot machines. 1 point will be awarded for every £10 spent on roulette and blackjack which on the electronic terminals are easy enough to track. We are yet to learn how this is tracked on the live tables.

You can save up these points and convert them at a rate of 100 points to £1. You can opt to buy gifts from their catalogue and have them delivered to your local casino to pick up on your next visit.

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